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Friendly Review : Good Grief

I totally get where you’re coming from! It’s always disappointing when a movie has all the right ingredients but doesn’t quite hit the mark. I agree that the directing and aesthetics were on point, and the acting was decent too. The dialogues had their moments of accuracy, which is always a plus.

But despite these positives, I felt like something was missing. The development of the characters and the overall story just didn’t fully satisfy me. It felt a bit tasteless and like something I had seen before. I wanted to be drawn into the story, but it just didn’t grab me.

It’s a shame because there were elements that had potential. I liked that the romance was treated as a normal romance without relying on gay stereotypes. However, I do agree that the development of the romance could have been better. And some of the secondary characters weren’t particularly likable, which made it harder to fully connect with the story. There were moments and conversations that just didn’t feel right.

I’m not sure if the movie needed to be spiced up or have a more focused approach, but the end result wasn’t satisfying enough for me to want to watch it again. I appreciate movies about grief and overcoming it, but they should also leave you feeling uplifted and satisfied.

Let’s find something that will give us that feel-good factor and leave us completely satisfied! Any genre in mind? πŸŽ₯πŸ˜„

I totally get what you’re saying! It’s such a bummer when something you were looking forward to ends up being underwhelming. I had high hopes for this movie too, especially considering Dan Levy’s writing skills. But unfortunately, it didn’t quite hit the mark for me either.

The opening segment was definitely lacking that wow factor, right? It didn’t really tug at my heartstrings or make me feel invested in the story. It was like, “Okay, what’s next?” And what came next was just a bunch of self-absorbed characters pretending to be friends and having shallow conversations. I couldn’t really connect with any of them, and that made it hard for me to care about their journeys or if they found happiness in the end.

Overall, I agree that the movie was just okay. There wasn’t much depth to the characters or the story, which left me feeling a bit unsatisfied. I don’t think I’ll be watching it again anytime soon. Let’s find something with more substance and engaging characters to watch together! 🍿😊

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