Ishq Vishk Rebound Film Review: A charming and enjoyable story with a few storytelling stumbles

Rating by Critics: 3.0 out of 5.

Plot: Three close friends find themselves caught in a mix of breakup, rebound romance, and self-exploration, blurring the boundaries between friendship and love.

In a world of complicated relationships and mixed signals, Nipun Dharmadhikari’s romantic comedy brings a breath of fresh air. The newest addition to the Ishq Vishk series follows three childhood friends: Raghav, Sanya, and Sahir. Sanya and Sahir’s turbulent relationship often involves Raghav in their ups and downs. When both couples split, Raghav and Sanya find themselves in a rebound romance. But will this new fling jeopardize their lifelong friendship? The film’s first half is filled with humor, showing Raghav navigating his friendships and new relationship in a hilarious way. From comical incidents like Raghav taking Sahir’s dog to going on a spooky adventure with Sanya, the movie keeps the audience entertained. Penned by Vaishali Naik, Vinay Chhawal, and Ketan Pedgaonkar, the story reflects modern love dynamics. Raghav views relationships as uncomplicated transactions, justifying his rebound with Sanya. The plot also delves into how family backgrounds can complicate romantic connections. For instance, Sanya’s troubled family life makes her confrontational, leading to clashes with Sahir, who faces pressure from his strict and abusive father, resulting in their breakup. The movie emphasizes self-discovery and finding happiness beyond romantic involvements.

As the movie progresses, the pace slows down in the latter part, with the characters’ complex relationships feeling repetitive. The initial idea of Raghav mirroring his life in the film’s script falls short. Some aspects of the plot, like Riya’s jealousy towards the trio, lack depth. While the songs are well-produced and catchy, they disrupt the story’s flow in the second half. Songs like Rehmat by Rochak Kohli and remakes of Chot Dil Pe Lagi and Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar add to the movie’s soundtrack.

Rohit Saraf shines with his impeccable comedic timing and natural acting. His ability to break the fourth wall engages the audience in his character’s journey. Pashmina Roshan delivers a powerful performance as a troubled young woman who attributes her immaturity to her family issues. Jibraan Khan also gives a strong performance, and Naila Grrewal does well in her limited role.

‘Ishq Vishk Rebound’ targets Gen Z viewers. While older audiences might not fully relate to its modern love depiction, the humor, engaging acting, and overall entertainment make it a worthwhile watch.

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