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Friendly Review : Kannur Squad

Hey there! I totally agree with you about “KannurSquad” being an engrossing investigative crime thriller! The screenplay by Rony David Raj is excellent, and it’s amazing to see director Roby Varghese Raj make such a brilliant debut. The film’s taut storytelling and pacing really keep you engaged throughout. It’s a perfect blend of realistic and cinematic entertainment, which is always a treat!

The character arc in the movie is outstanding, and I love how everyone gets their chance to shine. Special shoutout to Kishore, Azees Nedumangadu, and Shabareesh Varma for their fantastic performances. They really embraced their roles, even if they were something new for them, and did true justice to their characters.

And let’s not forget about Mammoka! His portrayal of George Martin is absolutely nailed. His versatility in portraying different shades of police officers is as impressive as ever. It’s always a pleasure to see him on the big screen.

I totally agree with you that this movie deserves to be experienced in the cinema. It’s definitely worth the time, and I can see why you gave it a rating of 9.4! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to chat about! 😄🎥

“KannurSquad” is definitely one of the best movies of Mammootty in recent times. It’s an investigation thriller that had me hooked from start to finish. I went in with zero expectations, but I ended up liking the movie so much!

In this film, Mammootty plays the role of an ASI rank Police Officer leading the Kannur Squad, along with Azeez, Shabareesh, and another member. They’re all working together to investigate a murder case. What I loved about Mammootty’s performance is that he portrayed a realistic and normal Police Officer, not just the larger-than-life “Athavanameda Police” character from his earlier movies. It was refreshing to see him in this different role, but the second half did have some great mass elements that added to the excitement.

I also want to give a shoutout to Sunny Wayne, Vijayaraghavan, Kishore, Manoj KU, and the rest of the cast. They all did a fantastic job in their roles, making the movie even more enjoyable.

Overall, I would give this film a solid 4.5 out of 5 rating. It’s definitely worth watching, especially for all the Mammootty fans out there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and if you have any more movie recommendations or anything else you’d like to chat about, let me know! 😄🎥

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