Kota Factory 3′ Review Chronicles Jeetu Bhaiya and his Students’ Spectacular Success!

In ‘Kota Factory’ Season 3, the show explores the mental health struggles of students gearing up for the IIT exams. It sheds light on the significance of guidance and the tough truths of competitive tests. Check out our review to see if it resonates with you!

Kota Factory, Jitendra Kumar

I can’t pinpoint if it was the late-night viewing or something else, but that final episode truly touched me. Even though I’ve never set foot in Kota or aspired for IIT, ‘Kota Factory’ strikes a chord with everyone. Whether it’s the relentless pressure on young minds to prove themselves, their friendships, or their bond with the beloved teacher, ‘Jeetu Bhaiya,’ there’s a universal connection.

In one poignant moment, Meena acknowledges, “Jeetu Bhaiya imparts life lessons,” a sentiment that resonates deeply. The third season beautifully portrays this mentor-student relationship and bravely addresses mental health struggles, a crucial topic needing more dialogue.

Let’s talk about the impactful song ‘Jo Bhi Hoga Ladd Lunga’ that encapsulates the essence of the show. Students braving Kota for IIT or NEET prep must possess resilience and unwavering determination. The journey is arduous, marked by setbacks, yet perseverance remains the key.

In ‘Kota Factory 3’, the focus is on celebrating the journey of preparation rather than just the end result. As Jeetu Bhaiya wisely puts it, “It’s not the preparation for victory, but the preparation itself that is the victory.” This season reiterates the importance of setting goals rather than just dreaming, a sentiment echoed by many students in the competitive exam circuit.

Jitendra Kumar’s character grapples with the dual roles of being a mentor (‘bhaiya’) and a teacher (‘sir’) this season. Following the tragic event in the previous season where a student took her own life, Jeetu Bhaiya is depicted dealing with profound grief. His interactions with a therapist shed light on the significance and ease of seeking help when needed.

With the alarming rise in suicide rates in Kota recently, this series has the potential to serve as a wake-up call for parents, educators, and all individuals involved in shaping a student’s journey.

Kudos to the creators for shedding light on the fact that everyone experiences struggle uniquely. While average students push themselves to keep pace with their peers, the bright ones must maintain their high grades. Some students face the dilemma of balancing studies with supporting their families, adding to their burdens. Additionally, matters of the heart come into play as they navigate first love. Though the climax felt a bit contrived for added drama, many viewers had already foreseen it.

One aspect that didn’t sit well with me was the introduction of a student’s parent. While character development is crucial, the melodrama felt out of place for the show’s tone. The same sentiment applies to Vaibhav’s monologue on exam dates – it came across as overly dramatic and forced, lacking impact.

When it comes to performances, following his success in ‘Panchayat 3’, Jitendra Kumar once again shines, showcasing why he’s a top actor in the OTT space. His portrayal of Jeetu Bhaiya is impeccable, almost like a second nature to him. While he excels in realistic roles, I’m eager to see him venture into more whimsical characters on screen.

Tilottama Shome’s entry as Pooja Didi is flawless, serving as a pillar of support for Jeetu during his struggles. Although her role in this season was limited, I hope to see her character evolve further in season 4.

The young actors deliver commendable performances, embodying their characters and story arcs effectively. Having witnessed their growth over the past five years, they feel like familiar faces from Kota. You empathize with them, wanting to shield and guide them through their challenges.

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