Season 1 Review of ‘Bad Cop’: Emphasizes Excitement More Than Deep Storytelling and Cohesive Plot

The narrative of ‘Bad Cop’ revolves around twin brothers with starkly contrasting lives – one a tough cop, the other a cunning thief. Their worlds collide dramatically, leading to a life-altering event that changes their fates forever.

Director Aditya Datt brings to life a thrilling mass entertainer in ‘Bad Cop,’ featuring intense action scenes, intriguing villains, and gripping cop-criminal face-offs. The series kicks off with a bang, setting the stage for a complex tale involving twin brothers, Karan and Arjun, portrayed by Gulshan Devaiah in a dual role, caught in a web of mistaken identities and its profound consequences on their intertwined lives.

While the concept of mistaken identity amidst twins is a familiar trope, the show’s eight episodes intricately interlace multiple storylines. The central confusion surrounding the brothers ripples through various subplots, affecting Karan’s relationships with his cop wife Devika (Harleen Sethi) and boss, as well as Arjun’s dynamics with his girlfriend Kiki (Aishwarya Sushmita). Simultaneously, CIB officer Arif Khan (Saurabh Sachdeva) delves into a murder mystery, while a menacing gangster, Kazbe, pulls strings from prison, setting the stage for vendetta against the brothers. Clues to a broader conspiracy surface, unveiling the twins’ enigmatic past at an orphanage.

Each episode, spanning 35 minutes, attempts to balance these intricate narratives. Despite the brisk pace, the brevity of each segment limits the depth of exploration, leaving the storyline somewhat fragmented throughout the series. Character evolution and emotional arcs take a backseat as the show leans heavily on action-packed sequences and unexpected plot turns.

Gulshan Devaiah shines in his portrayal of Karan and Arjun, showcasing versatility in action sequences. Harleen Sethi delivers a compelling performance as the resilient cop grappling with Karan’s complexities, skillfully blending her emotional depth with adept combat skills. Notably, a powerful scene where she confronts a corrupt politician underscores Sethi’s portrayal of strength and determination in the face of adversity.

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