The Boys: Season 4 Review – With supe Victoria Neuman (played by Claudia Doumit) on the brink of the Oval Office, The Boys race against time to put an end to her and Homelander (portrayed by Antony Starr) once and for all.

The Boys has really nailed down its winning formula by now. Mixing superpowered chaos with relatable human stories, sprinkled with a healthy dose of social commentary, has made it one of the standout TV dramas of the past five years. Credit goes to showrunner Eric Kripke for keeping the recipe fresh. In its fourth season, the show still manages to surprise, its satire remains sharp, and the character development delves even deeper. While the team may be dysfunctional as ever, rest assured, The Boys is truly at the peak of its game.

The Boys: Season 4

Part of the reason for the show’s recent success is the new characters introduced. Sage, portrayed by Susan Heyward, stands out as Homelander’s most dangerous ally, given her intelligence. She plays a crucial role not only for him but also for the audience, being one of the few who can speak the truth to him without facing his wrath. Heyward’s portrayal of Sage’s superiority complex is subtle yet powerful. On the other hand, Firecracker, played by Valorie Curry, is anything but subtle. She’s a self-centered conspiracy theorist who quickly becomes one of the most disliked characters on the show. However, Kripke delves beneath the surface to reveal hints of relatability, and Curry’s dedicated performance adds depth as the season unfolds. The show’s social commentary remains sharp and relevant, taking satirical jabs at events like January 6 and industry announcements.

The Boys: Season 4

Our favorite anti-heroes and villains are back with a bang. The battle for Ryan’s soul, torn between his real dad, Homelander, and Butcher, is getting intense. Kimiko and Frenchie’s haunting pasts are catching up with them, shaping their present in unexpected ways. Characters like Starlight and A-Train are facing tough questions that push them to their limits, forcing them to confront their past and decide their future paths. While the show has touched on these themes before, the storytelling remains far from boring. Every twist feels earned, keeping us on our toes with its unpredictability.

Image from The Boys: Season 4 (2024)

One thing you can always count on with The Boys is the graphic and intense bloodshed, and this season doesn’t hold back on the gore. Each episode has a moment that will definitely make you cringe or curse, whether it’s a disturbing use of superpowers or a memorable scene on a farm. There’s a concern about how long the show can keep the main characters engaging without getting repetitive or unrealistic. But for now, the storytelling is so well-balanced and thought-out that it’s just really enjoyable to see how it all unfolds.


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