Trigger Warning Review : Critical Analysis with Trigger Caution.

Starting with a shaky opening chase scene, “Trigger Warning” lacks a sense of urgency. Set in Syria’s Badiyat al-Sham Desert, a skilled team led by Parker (played by Jessica Alba) races after potential terrorists in CGI trucks resembling Lego vehicles traversing the sand. Parker’s jeep, appearing like a worn-out prop on a set, jolts as she shoots from its window. This brief scene concludes with a poorly filmed crash of a Syrian’s truck, serving no significant purpose other than a mundane introduction, depicting Parker as a strict enforcer who prevents a colleague from executing the MENA prisoners.

Directed by Mouly Surya, “Trigger Warning” emerges from a screenplay by John Brancato, Josh Olson, and Halley Wegryn Gross, and this collaboration is evident. Following the chase, the rural revenge story becomes vague. Parker receives a distressing call from Jesse (played by Mark Webber), the town sheriff, informing her of her father’s sudden death in a mining accident. Upon returning home, she discovers a possible suicide note from him and takes over the bar he owned. However, inconsistencies arise as her father, a former Green Beret, allegedly caused the mining accident by misplacing a grenade pin. Additionally, dangerous weapons like machine guns, RPGs, and grenades inexplicably find their way into the area.

“Trigger Warning” presents itself as a serious, brooding film that fails to embrace its potential for absurdity or elevate its suspense to the desired level. It lacks the finesse to fully commit to its tone or intensify the tension it strives to achieve.



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