Unleashing the Flames: A Review of ‘House of the Dragon’

The new season of HBO’s hit show ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel kicks off with a grounded beginning.

When it comes to ‘House of the Dragon,’ the focus seems to be more on political intrigue than fiery dragon action. The second season starts off slowly, delving into diplomacy, duty, and ambition, leaving viewers waiting for the anticipated dragon encounters. Unlike its predecessor ‘Game of Thrones,’ which was known for its grand scale and captivating characters, ‘Dragon’ appears more subdued and lacking in standout performances. While the dragons make appearances, they seem less menacing compared to the awe-inspiring creatures from ‘Thrones.’

A man with long white-blonde hair and a sword, wearing armor, sits pensively on a grassy hilltop with misty hills in the background.


The political questions at play revolve around who will claim the crown and the toll it will take in bloodshed, yet the personal stakes add a layer of complexity. While the women lean towards negotiation and compromise, the men are eager to bring out the dragons, creating tension. Relationships between mothers and sons, both living and deceased, further muddy the waters. The intense domestic drama, filled with blood and intrigue, is crafted intelligently, with moments of genuine emotion. Glynn-Carney’s portrayal of Aegon evokes sympathy as he grapples with overwhelming challenges, while Smith captures Daemon’s conflicted feelings, torn between his loyalty to his wife-niece and his desire for the crown. However, the narrative lacks a certain vitality. It fails to consistently captivate or surprise, remaining somewhat static and predictable, akin to a board game. While the attention to detail in geography and architecture remains, the visual splendor of the previous series is missing. Emotions are manipulated through contrived events rather than authentic, unexpected developments. These shortcomings become evident in the thin plotlines, relying on implausible scenarios for suspense. The narrative resorts to convenient plot devices, such as unguarded castles and dream visions, to drive the story forward. Despite potential differences in opinion among the vast audience, ‘House of the Dragon’ has secured a renewal for a third season.

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