Unveiling ‘The Mystery of Rautu’: A Film Review – Nawazuddin Siddiqui Returns in a Calm and Captivating Narrative

KOCHI: The title ‘Rautu Ka Raaz’ might mislead you. The term ‘Raaz’ typically hints at a dark secret, conjuring images of sinister forces lurking in the hills, reminiscent of Vikram Bhatt’s 2002 horror film. However, ‘Rautu’ is quite the opposite. It unfolds in a serene hamlet nestled in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, offering a comforting mystery. The narrative unfolds like a soothing bedtime tale, steering clear of the usual thrills of a fast-paced mountain thriller. There are no eerie fires burning in the woods or shadows of menacing creatures. Instead, the film paints a tranquil picture of a quiet village and the unhurried lives of its inhabitants.

SHO Deepak Negi (played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui) finds himself unable to rest as a murder case unfolds. The local blind school’s hostel warden is discovered dead in her bed, initially presumed to be a routine heart attack. Murders are a rarity in Rautu, as Negi’s deputy Dimri (portrayed excellently by Rajesh Kumar) emphasizes, “We haven’t had a murder case in 15 years.” Negi isn’t naturally inclined towards sleuthing, expressing a mundane reaction to the autopsy report revealing unnatural causes of death, saying, “More work.” As the investigation progresses, it unveils a complex web surrounding the warden, Sangeeta (played by Narayani Shastri), involving an affair, a harassment incident, and land disputes, weaving together multiple threads in this contemplative mystery.

Director Anand Surapur (The Fakir of

A still from the movie.


Rajesh Kumar nails it as the perfect sidekick in the movie. His character Dimri isn’t just a background figure; Rajesh brings out his clumsiness with a touch of humor effortlessly. I found it amusing how he dishes out sarcasm to his juniors, mirroring how Negi treats him. It’s like another cog in the wheel of authority, adding a quirky dynamic to their interactions.

In “Rautu…”, the film doesn’t aim to be a gripping thriller. Take, for instance, a scene where Negi’s team has to nab a suspect on the run. I half-expected a dramatic chase through narrow hillside alleys or bustling marketplaces. Instead, the suspect gets a knock on the head and is swiftly bundled into a police car trying to sneak away. It’s these unexpected moments that shine in the film, much like the gentle rays of the morning sun on a tranquil lake.

The movie has a unique charm, like a soothing melody that weaves through every scene. Whether it’s Negi closing his eyes to navigate stairs after witnessing a visually impaired child rush up them or engaging in a profound discussion about a painting with a blind school student, there’s a poetic quality that lingers throughout “Rautu…”. It flows like a soulful ghazal by the fireside on a quiet night. “Rautu Ka Saaz” indeed!

Film: Rautu Ka Raaz

Director: Anand Surapur

Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajesh Kumar, Atul Tiwari, Narayani Shastri

Available on: ZEE5

Rating: 3.5/5

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