Review of Dahaad: Sonakshi Sinha and Vijay Varma’s Performance Shines with Effectiveness and Credibility.

The essence of Ruchika Oberoi and Reema Kagti’s latest web series Dahaad lies in its nuanced and impactful narrative. While Dahaad initially appears to be a typical crime thriller set in a small town in North India, it goes beyond the conventional portrayal of violence and crime often seen in similar stories. Instead, the series delves into the social and structural issues prevalent in small-town India, offering a fresh perspective despite the familiar backdrop.

The storyline revolves around a string of mysterious disappearances of young women in Mandawa, Rajasthan, piquing the suspicion of the local police. Led by Police Chief Devi Singh (Gulshan Devaiah), officers Anjali Bhaati (Sonakshi Sinha) and Kailash (Sohum Shah) initially focus on a case involving inter-caste marriage. However, as they dig deeper, they uncover a series of unresolved cases where women vanished or left home for love. Anjali, a determined local cop, becomes deeply involved in the investigation, connecting the dots to unveil a potential link between the disappearances and murders.

Following a tense pursuit, their attention turns to an unexpected suspect – Anand (Vijay Varma), a Hindi literature professor known for his gentle demeanor, dedication to his family, and community engagement. As the story unfolds, Anand’s seemingly ordinary life takes a dark turn, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.

Anand, portrayed by Vijay Varma, truly stands out as a captivating character in the series. He’s depicted as a multifaceted individual – seemingly too good to be true, which ironically becomes his shield against suspicion. Despite his flawless facade, his personal life is in disarray, with a strained marriage and a fragile relationship with his father, grappling with his own sense of masculinity. His demeanor, demeanor, and behavior all seem incongruent with a potential suspect, adding to the intrigue. Dahaad not only excels in its exploration of societal issues but also shines due to the stellar casting choices made by Nandini Shrikent. Sonakshi Sinha, Gulshan Devaiah, and Sohum Shah deliver outstanding performances, staying true to their characters without going overboard. Sinha, known for her more energetic roles, brings a depth of maturity to her character, carrying the weight of the narrative on her capable shoulders, particularly shining as Anjali.

Gulshan Devaiah and Sohum Shah, who are often overlooked in the Hindi film industry, deliver impeccable performances. Devaiah brings a sense of elegance to his portrayal of an honest cop, exuding restraint and charm that make his character truly endearing. You find yourself rooting for him, hoping nothing bad happens. On the other hand, Shah embodies an alpha male struggling with anxiety and familial expectations, silently grappling with the challenges of taking on new responsibilities in life. However, stealing the spotlight is Vijay Varma, who shines in a more intricate role. Varma’s portrayal evokes a sense of sympathy for his character, despite the audience being well aware of his involvement in a series of crimes.

The cinematography by Yogi Sankotra and Tanay Satam effectively sets the mysterious tone of the narrative, gradually unraveling the story. It’s worth noting that improved lighting could enhance certain scenes, as some parts are challenging to watch due to the almost constant darkness.

Dahaad does test your patience with each episode running close to an hour, sometimes feeling a bit dragged out in certain parts. Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti have crafted Dahaad, offering viewers a glimpse into the killer’s actions, society’s assumptions about unmarried women, and the underlying caste dynamics in India, despite widespread awareness. It’s refreshing to see a crime drama that doesn’t rely on excessive violence and abuse, a departure from the norm in Indian OTT content. Hats off to the creators for presenting a sophisticated narrative. Dahaad excels in its storytelling, performances, and subtly shedding light on the deep-rooted issues in modern Indian society. You can catch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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