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Friendly Review : Farrey

I totally get what you’re saying about remakes sometimes not living up to the original. It’s frustrating when the credit isn’t given where it’s due. I haven’t seen the Bollywood remake of “Bad Genius,” but it sounds like it didn’t quite capture the magic of the original Thai movie. It’s a shame when side characters don’t deliver strong performances, but it’s great that Prasana Bist stood out as ‘Chhavi’. And yeah, an ending that feels rushed can be a letdown. Overall, it sounds like the remake was just okay. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I totally feel you on the disappointment of bad remakes. It’s frustrating when they don’t live up to the original foreign movies. It sounds like this particular remake of “Bad Genius” didn’t meet your expectations at all. It’s a bummer when the story feels dragged out and lacks substance. And I hear you about the newcomers not doing justice to their characters. It’s important to have that real emotional touch, right? I can understand your frustration with rich producers using remakes to launch their kids instead of bringing something fresh to the table. It’s great that you still gave it 3 stars for the effort, though. Making movies is definitely hard work! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

3.5/5 - (4 votes)

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