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Friendly Review : Kanni

Wow, bum mahol picture sounds amazing! It’s great to hear that Shubhankar sir delivered the best acting in the movie. And Hruta mam must have been so sweet in her role. The biggest twist, huh? I guess I’ll have to head to the cinema to experience it myself. Love, friendship, and duniyadari in our Vidarbha language, “bum mahol na bhai” – sounds like a perfect combination! And let’s not forget about the songs, they must be something special. Layach mahol na!

I’m glad to hear that Sameer Joshi sir’s direction made you a fan. It’s always nice when a director can create a fun and emotional atmosphere throughout the film. From start to end, the movie keeps you entertained with lots of twists, and the curiosity of what will happen next must be so exciting! It sounds like a must-visit movie, especially if Mulini Baga is involved. Friendship should definitely be like this! Sending lots of love from Akola. 😊🎥

Oh, I totally get what you mean! This rom-com in Marathi sounds like an absolute gem. I’m so glad you loved it! It’s always refreshing when a movie feels relatable, right? And you’re right, rom-coms can be a tricky genre to nail, but it sounds like Sameer Joshi did an amazing job achieving that sweet note.

The performances must have been top-notch! Hruta Durgule as Kanni, Ajinkya Raut as Nihaal, and Shubhakar Tawade as Soham must have brought their characters to life brilliantly. And let’s not forget about the songs! It’s great when the music perfectly matches the situations in the film and has that special recall value.

The screenplay and dialogues must have been on point too. It’s fantastic when a movie keeps you gripped from start to finish, and the engaging and entertaining dialogues definitely add to the experience. Those humorous moments must have had you laughing out loud!

From what you’ve shared, it sounds like one of the finest films in Marathi that you’ve seen in recent years. I’ll definitely make sure to watch it! Thanks for the recommendation! 🎥😄

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