Kidnap – Movie Review

Friendly Review : Kidnap


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Instead of saying “why was the movie made???”, we can rephrase it to something like “Have you ever watched a movie and wondered why you didn’t do something else instead?” This way, it sounds more relatable and conversational.

When talking about the movie “Kidnap,” you mentioned the flaws and below-average acting. To make it more friendly, we can say something like “You know, ‘Kidnap’ had a basic revenge storyline, but it had so many flaws that it made me laugh at myself for even watching it. The acting and direction were below average, and it felt like they didn’t really know what kind of movie they wanted to make.”

You also mentioned how Minisha Lambha looked hot throughout the movie, but there wasn’t much substance to her scenes. We can say something like “Minisha Lambha looked stunning in the movie, but it felt like her scenes didn’t have much depth beyond her appearance. And her mother looking like her elder sister? That’s just weird!”

As for the actors, you mentioned that Sanjay Dutt was average and Imraan Khan disappointed you. We can say something like “Sanjay Dutt did an okay job, but Imraan Khan really let us down. He didn’t seem convincing in his serious villain role, and it was clear that he’s not on the same level as Aamir Khan when it comes to acting.”

To wrap it up, we can say something like “Overall, it’s a shame when talented actors aren’t given the right direction to shine. I hope people will skip this movie and pretend it was never released. I made the mistake of watching it, but I’m doing my part to save the world from this disappointment!”

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