‘Ramana Avatara’: A Review of the Film’s Entertainment Value

The release of ‘Ramana Avatara’ was quite delayed, but after four years of hard work, the filmmakers promised to deliver a fresh and lighthearted take on the classic tale of the Ramayana. Vikas Pampapathy, the director, aimed to explore the values of the Ramayana, with a particular focus on Rama (played by Rishi), who is affectionately known as Gentleman Rama by his fellow villagers. When Rama finds himself unjustly displaced from his village, he ends up in Mangalore, where he encounters Pranitha Subhash, who hides her true identity and whereabouts. Despite their chance meeting, Rama warmly nicknames her Sita and offers his assistance during her project interviews, without questioning the purpose behind them.

As Rama confides in Sita about his aspirations, their conversations draw parallels to Rama’s own exile and foreshadow Sita’s abduction and his subsequent rescue mission. Indeed, Sita is kidnapped by a group of thugs, leading Rama to Bengaluru. There, he crosses paths with Alexander (played by Arun Sagar), a character symbolizing Ravana, and with the help of his friend, who is akin to Hanuman, Rama orchestrates the rescue of not only Sita but also numerous other girls ensnared by Alexander.

The climax of the story unfolds when Rama returns to his village, where he is hailed as a potential leader and urged to run for office. However, Sita, whose real name is Rita, becomes disillusioned by gangsters and politics, causing Rama to question his path: should he pursue leadership or follow Sita’s wishes? Additionally, there’s a short love story in the mix, featuring Shubra Aiyappa.

‘Ramana Avatara’ aims to delve into the noble qualities of Lord Rama through its protagonist, Rama. However, while it promises an engaging exploration of these virtues within the context of a modern twist on the Ramayana, some viewers may find that the film falls short in delivering a truly entertaining experience.

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