Review of ‘Blackout’ Movie: Vikrant Massey’s Performance Falls Short of Expectations

Blackout movie cast: Vikrant Massey, Anant Vijay Joshi, Sunil Grover, Mouni Roy, Chhaya Kadam, Jisshu Sengupta, Ruhani Singh
Blackout movie director: Devang Bhavsar
Blackout movie rating: Half star

At first glance, ‘Blackout’ seemed like an exciting mix of characters – a journalist, a drunk, mobsters, corrupt officials, jokers, a cheating spouse, and a mysterious woman – all navigating a city during a power outage, in this case, Pune. But let me tell you, this one is a major letdown. It leaves you questioning if the team behind it even knew what they were doing. A good premise is nothing without proper execution. It feels like they cast Vikrant Massey and Anant Vijay Joshi based on their chemistry in ’12th Fail’, but here, their interactions feel forced and out of place. The whole plot seems so haphazard that it’s like the writers abandoned all sense of logic

During the movie, we see a mix of actors like Chhaya Kadam, who’s quite the talk of the town lately (even though her previous movie ‘Madgaon Express’ wasn’t exactly a hit). Sengupta and others pop in and out, but for what purpose? As I sat through this film that was far from impressive, I couldn’t help but understand why Bollywood is struggling. It’s great to support new ideas, but did nobody check how it turned out? What were they thinking? I wasted my time watching this, and I can’t get those two hours back. Consider yourself warned!

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