Review of ‘Perumani’: A Charming Comedy with a Touch of Familiarity

As a local bus packed with commuters arrives in a lush green landscape, one of the main characters in ‘Perumani’ tries to unload his luggage from the bus roof. Suddenly, a stranger, who was initially presumed to be dead, wakes up and stands on top of the bus. This unexpected arrival of a migrant, possibly from Bengal, sets off a series of absurd events in an otherwise peaceful village.

The movie kicks off with an animated fable, beautifully illustrated and narrated. This enchanting tale recounts the arrival of a mysterious figure from the Muslim community, now revered as Perumani Thangal, during a tumultuous period in the village. This mystical character quickly becomes a local deity after saving the village from the curse of a vengeful thief turned witch. Generations have passed, and the people of ‘Perumani’, deeply rooted in superstitions, continue to worship this savior who remains a constant presence throughout the film.

Following his notable sophomore directorial work in a bleak setting with ‘Appan’ (2022), Maju returns with a film set in a picturesque landscape. ‘Perumani’ unfolds in a unique canvas, populated by a diverse cast of quirky characters. The village itself, where this fantastical tale takes place, seems detached from the constraints of time and space. The setting bears resemblance to films like Lijo Jose Pellissery’s ‘Amen’ (2013) and Basil Joseph’s ‘Kunjiramayanam’ (2015).

The first half of the film primarily focuses on establishing the wide array of whimsical characters, treating it as a setup. The emphasis is on humorous situations, some of which hit the mark while others may not be as effective. Despite the varying levels of laughter, the film sets the stage for an intriguing story.

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