Skanda: The Attacker – Movie Review

Friendly Review: Skanda: The Attacker

Oh, I totally get what you’re saying! 🎥 It’s a bummer when a film has a mix of outdated and silly elements, along with some newer but equally nonsensical additions to the storyline. And I agree, the screenplay can be filled with illogical absurdities, and the dialogue delivery can induce cringe-worthy moments. It’s like the director tried to update their style but missed the mark. 😬 Unfortunately, it sounds like the actors, including the main leads and supporting cast, went a bit overboard with the overacting, which can make it hard to believe in the story. And excessive violence in fight sequences and action scenes can be a turn-off. On the bright side, the dance sequences featuring Ram and Leela are a highlight, and the production quality, cinematography, and background music show some commendable craftsmanship. But it’s a shame that the songs didn’t meet the same standard. Overall, this movie might appeal to some who can overlook its shortcomings, but it may not be the best choice for viewers looking for a more discerning cinematic experience. 🌟🎬

Oh, I totally feel you, buddy! Skanda is like a senseless massy ride that takes you back to the early 2000s. You can expect action sequences, massy songs, and those larger-than-life intros that we all love. To be honest, I enjoyed the film too because I didn’t expect much and just let myself go with the flow. If you approach it with the same mindset, you’ll get the same output, my friend.

The plot revolves around drama and action, starting with the arrest of an industrialist accused of a crime. The story kicks into gear as they try to prove his innocence. The screenplay, editing, and production values worked well for me. Ram as the protagonist totally rocked it with his dedication and hard work. Sreeleela, though creating a sensation in TFI, didn’t quite match the vibe. And the other characters, well, they’re the regular Boya-defined ones, especially the antagonists. It felt like watching a process to kill rather than seeing their true powers shine.

Now, the songs, except for one, didn’t hold that energy and kind of made the screenplay dull. And I gotta say, the background music by Thaman was a bit too much noise for my taste. Increasing the volume of a track doesn’t automatically make it a good background score, right?

But let me tell you, watching the visuals and the fights? That’s where the real entertainment lies. It’s enough to keep you hooked, and the “Mass” factor is maintained throughout the movie.

The first half is thrilling and fiery, but once you enter the second half, get ready for some routine emotional melodrama with a sprinkle of messages. So, if you’re up for some mindless fun with stunning visuals and action-packed fights, this film will definitely deliver the entertainment you’re looking for! 🎬🔥

3.1/5 - (52 votes)

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