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Friendly Review : Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya

Shahid’s most recent appearance on the big screen was in the movie “Jersey,” which came out in 2022, almost two years ago. As a Shahid fan, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see him back in theaters, and this weekend finally gave me that chance, which I couldn’t resist. So, was it worth the wait? Were my hopes fulfilled? Let’s dive in. Starting with the good points: Innovative Concept: While Hollywood and other international film industries have explored the realm of artificial intelligence, Bollywood has been hesitant due to various reasons. It’s refreshing to see them take a leap into this uncharted territory with a love story between a human and an AI-driven robot. New On-Screen Pairing: Bollywood often sticks to familiar lead pairs, so it’s nice to see a fresh duo like Shahid and Kriti. Their chemistry breathes life into the film, even with a somewhat lackluster script. Kriti Sanon’s Performance: Kriti deserves praise for her role as a humanoid robot with human-like qualities. Portraying this complex character convincingly is no easy feat, and she delivered her lines with great timing, especially in the impactful moments towards the end. Moving on to the drawbacks:

Just caught Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya at a late-night preview show today, and it left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, the movie takes a bold step in blending genres and keeping the SciFi element grounded, wrapping up an impossible love story quite effectively. But on the flip side, I couldn’t shake off the slight disappointment that it might not resonate with a wider audience as much as it could have. It’s a heartwarming film with solid performances that should find its place, and even if it doesn’t hit big right away, it’s the kind that will age well over time. The core storyline is pretty evident from the trailer – a man falling for a highly advanced, human-like robot and aiming to tie the knot. Crafting a satisfying yet believable conclusion for such a premise is no easy task, but kudos to the writers for steering clear of the typical Bollywood happy ending clich├ęs and delivering something with depth. Kriti shines in her role as the android, exuding charm, while Shahid’s portrayal of a smitten lover is convincing. The supporting cast adds to the mix, with Dharmendra’s presence a delight, even if underutilized. The music hits the mark, the humor lands, and all the ingredients are there for a potential hit. However, the movie’s unique theme, genre, and the intricacies of its ending might pose a challenge in fully satisfying everyone. Here’s hoping it finds the right balance to strike a chord with the audience!

Wow, this movie is a total delight! It’s perfect for a cozy movie night with your favorite people. Kriti and Shahid bring such a fresh and adorable vibe to the screen. Kriti really shines in this one, showing us a different side after her fantastic performance in Mimi. She totally steals the show! Rom-coms like this always hit the spot with audiences, and I’m sure this one will capture everyone’s hearts too. Can’t wait to see Kriti take on more roles like this in the future; she’s a true talent powerhouse. Shahid’s portrayal of Aaryan feels so genuine and honest; I absolutely loved his performance. He’s got that onscreen charm that’s hard to resist. The supporting cast is top-notch, and the music in the film is just fantastic. Those songs are so soothing! Here’s hoping we get more lovely rom-coms like this in the near future. I absolutely loved it!” How does that sound?

3.2/5 - (12 votes)

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