The film “Ruslaan” has been described as excessively violent and having a storyline that feels unfinished – Ruslaan Movie Review

The movie “Ruslaan” revolves around the character Ruslaan, who is portrayed as the son of a deceased terrorist. Raised by an ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) officer, Ruslaan finds himself in a unique position where he must navigate his identity while also striving to prevent a terrorist attack in Mumbai. This premise sets the stage for a storyline filled with action, suspense, and moral dilemmas.

One of the central themes in the movie is the concept of redemption and the idea of breaking away from one’s past. Ruslaan’s journey is not just about thwarting a terrorist plot but also about coming to terms with his heritage and making choices that define his own path. The conflict between his upbringing by an ATS officer and his biological connection to a terrorist adds layers of complexity to his character.

However, despite the intriguing premise, the execution of the plot in “Ruslaan” falls short in certain aspects. The storyline follows a somewhat predictable trajectory commonly seen in Indian action films, particularly those involving terrorism and national security threats. The portrayal of terrorists from China and Pakistan, while a common trope in such movies, does little to offer a fresh perspective or surprise the audience.

Moreover, the movie seems to struggle with coherence and pacing, leaving viewers somewhat confused about the overall direction of the narrative. The lack of originality in certain plot points and the failure to introduce unique elements prevent “Ruslaan” from standing out in a crowded genre.

One aspect of Ruslaan’s character that is mentioned but not fully explored in the movie is his interest in music. This could have been a compelling angle to delve into, showcasing how art and creativity can serve as a counterbalance to violence and conflict. Unfortunately, this potential remains largely untapped, leaving a significant aspect of Ruslaan’s personality underdeveloped.

In terms of performances, the lead actor playing Ruslaan, Sharma, delivers a commendable portrayal in the lighter, action-packed scenes. His charisma and energy shine through in these moments, engaging the audience in the adrenaline-fueled sequences. However, Sharma seems to struggle in conveying the emotional depth required in more intense and poignant scenes. This limitation in his acting range may have hindered the movie’s ability to fully immerse viewers in the character’s emotional journey.

Overall, while “Ruslaan” offers moments of excitement

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